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Nerd Nite #57

Home Edition Vol 2.

New year, new Nerds. We hope you didn’t have the misfortune of missing our first Nerd Nite in over a year. That was back in February. Now it’s March, and there’s no excuse for not nerding out with us. We’ve worked out the technology. We’ve located the nerds. We’ve secured the venue (your house). Sadly, we still haven’t found a way to get you beer, but you’re capable adults so we believe in you.


Cobra Effects: How Legal Solutions Often Make the Problem Worse

Laws intended to solve a problem often make the problem worse—as with a bounty on cobras causing an increase in the cobra population. This talk will describe a number of these situations, and what can be done to avoid them. Presented by Ian Runkle, a local lawyer.


Advantages of Inbreeding: Banging yourself for the win.

Dr. Kate St. Onge will talk about the surprising evolutionary advantages of the most extreme form of inbreeding: selfing. Selfing is a common mating system seen in plants. Evolutionary shifts from outcrossing to selfing have lead to lots of diversification in flowering plants.


My Journey into Nature Photography

Join nature photographer Shane Turgeon as he dives into his photographs, how his story lead him to pick up a camera, and how the many facets of nature photography are of tremendous benefit to our mental health.

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