Nerd Nite #72

April Showers

Eliza Odyjewski: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD): Superstitions on Steroids alongside a Faulty Alarm System

Eliza's talk will address common misconceptions as portrayed in mainstream media about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). As someone with OCD, she will use analogies, visual aids such as comics, and humour, to re-educate the audience about OCD, and in doing so, she hopes to remove some of the stigma towards OCD and other mental health disorders. She will also provide a list of resources at the end of her talk.

Eliza is a Jane of all trades in the realm of creativity. She is a visual artist, designer, photographer, interior decorator, amateur comedian, an aspiring musician, and professional nap-taker. The topic of mental health is important to her because she feels that mental health knowledge and treatment should be accessible to everyone, and no one should have to struggle alone.

Stephen Raitz: Why walking and rolling matters in an auto-centric city

Sometimes it feels futile to advocate for better active transportation infrastructure in Edmonton when our transportation system is so focused on moving by automobile. But, every journey in Edmonton includes a walk and roll includes at some point. It's the most fun, active, and sustainable part of our commute. Making it the safest and best option available has major positive repercussions for our communities.

Stephen Raitz is a Registered Professional Planner and is currently a Law Student at the U of A. He has been a part of the Paths’ For People Board since 2018, always equipped with a lot of enthusiasm for ensuring that everyone can walk, roll, or cycle around our city safely. Stephen is also an improviser with Rapid Fire Theatre.

@pathsforppl, @stephenraitz - Bird App
@pathsforpeople, @raitz.runs - Instagram
Third Speaker: TBA

Our third talk will focus on loremming some ipsums and also a fair bit of dolor sit amet. Boy howdy, Speaker #3 sure loves etiam tortor ante, and if anyone knows their imperdiet quis leo, it's them.


Our DJ for NN#72 is Kelly Spriggs, aka. Triggs. He co-founded Umbral Sound System and is big in Edmonton's Bass community.

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