Reframe Perspective: Stories In Motion

In "Reframe Perspective: Stories in Motion," we embark on a captivating journey through the lens of dance, where narratives unfold and perceptions shift. This curated collection of performances delves deep into the human experience, exploring themes of transformation, fear, and cultural identity.

Fairly Becoming

by: Mayumi Lashbrook of Aeris Körper

Uncertainty, doubt, grief. Striving. Failing. Trying again.

Fairly Becoming is a dance theatre work that follows a woman finding herself in the face of climate crisis. She struggles to comprehend the vast complexities of our changing planet and her place within it. 

When climate depression is rife, how does one awaken to make more conscious choices? Fairly Becoming is a questioning of the feelings and issues arising around the urgent and emerging topic.

in and out of dark

by: Molly McDermott with support from Good Women Dance Company

in and out of dark is a playful exploration of darkness, nightmares, and our relationship with fear. Using some of the darker imagery from children’s stories we examine the sensations we experience when afraid. The collaborative work features performance by: Max Hanic, Alida Kendell, Tia Kushniruk, Molly McDermott, and Will Scott.

Residuals (住み・墨)

by: Shion Skye Carter

Choreographed and performed by Shion Skye Carter, draws visual, sonic, and physical influences from Japanese calligraphy, integrated with dynamic choreography to reinterpret the traditional form through a contemporary lens. Calligraphy brush strokes inform Carter’s movement as they dance among hundreds of sheets of translucent paper, channeling moments and impressions from their childhood, while the lighting design evokes an abstracted memory of their Japanese grandparents’ rural home where many of the artist’s memories of domestic life and cultural rituals originate. These memories, alongside an investigation of fragmented feelings of "home" across continents, spark a journey of introspective self-discovery where the layers of her identity begin to unfurl.

The work's title holds a double meaning:

住み /sumi/ = to reside in a place

墨 /sumi/ = ink


  • March 29th, 7:30 PM, ASL Interpretation will be presented by Shelly Nafshi and Gabby Frykberg
  • March 30th, 2:30 PM - Audio Description by Rebecca John and Jessica Glover
  • Access Consultants: 
    • Inside Out Theatre’s Good Host Program
    • Connor Yuzwenko-Martin of The Invisible Practice
  • Festival Access Coordinator: Carly Neis

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Accessible Performances

  • March 29th – 7:30 PM  - ASL Interpreted
  • March 30th – 2:30 PM  - Described Audio

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