Interior Landscapes

A showcase of three dance shows curated by Good Women Dance Collective

ATB Financial Arts Barns - Westbury Theatre
10330 84 ave NW
T6E 2G9


Wed 12 Feb 2020 19:00 (75 minutes)

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The Strike by Alison Neuman as part of the Good Women New Work Award 2019

The Strike examines the lives of a building’s residences who fight between light and darkness as the walls close around them.

The Strike

Alison is a dancer, choreographer, and author. She has performed in the following CRIPSiE productions, Tooth and Nail, Assembled, Some of Our Parts, New Constellation, Awakening, (Dis)quiet in the Peanut Gallery, and Vacuum/Bloom. Choreography includes In Transition, Fix You, Home. Her choreography has appeared in What’s Cooking, Dancefest@Nextfest, CRIPSiE Shows and Fringe productions. Alison has the following published books “Ice Rose - A Young Adult Spy Novel,” “Searching for Normal: A Memoir,” “Don't Eat Family,” and “Help From Friends.”

She wishes to thank the Good Women for their encouragement and mentorship, and The Azimuth Theatre and Expanse for their support and a home for the debut of The Strike. Special thanks to the Edmonton Arts Council and The Alberta Foundation for the Arts for valuing the arts, my artists, and my team.

Alison would like to acknowledge her performers Angela Sekulic, Alex Sutherland, Heath Birkholz, Iris Dykes, Julie Heffel, Roxanne Ulanicki, and Rebecca Sadowski for their collaborations, enthusiasm, creativity, vulnerability and commitment along this journey. Angie Staines, Jo Jo, and Scott Maybank for your knowledge and nourishing this piece. Lindsay Eales and Kelsie Acton for your advice and nourishing my choreographic foundation.

Marynia’s house of awkward pleasure by Marynia Fekecz

Marynia’s house of awkward pleasure is the examination and interpretation of Polish dancer Marynia Fekecz’s life in Canada. Drawing from childhood memories, animals and humans, Marynia creates her own world which can be defined as awkward or full of pleasure.

what we don’t see/site of sacrifice
It's often we don't see what one has given up when making decisions. A sacrifice can be made for another, an idea, something of value for ourselves or greater good of all or survival. At times all we have left is what we can hold onto.

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