Third Rail Projects Immersive Theater Intensive - Chinook 2019

Chinook - Westbury Theatre


Additional InformationASL/English accessible
Saturday, February 9, 10:00 AM - 5:00PM
Sunday, February 10: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

This Intensive is ASL/English Accessible

Led by Jennine Willett, Co-Artistic Director of Third Rail Projects, the workshop offers a comprehensive exploration of methods for working in immersive theater formats, where the audience and the performers are not separated by a fourth wall and the multi-sensory experience of the audience is a central focus.  Over the course of two days, participants will explore the skills that come into play when performers and audience share space, including developing awareness and adapting to a changing audience landscape, ways of cueing and connecting with audiences, and responding to audience choices through intuitive decision-making. The workshop will culminate in a collaborative exercise where participants will work together to craft immersive experiences for each other, providing an opportunity to employ all of the skills that are presented over the two days.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing they can move in and shoes they can move in.

This Intensive is offered on a sliding scale in the spirit of pay-what-you-will.

Full price $175, minimum $50,

Email if $50 is still prohibitive to your participation.