Running Piece – Presented by Mile Zero Dance - Also at the Barns in 2019

by Grand Pony/ Jacques Poulin-Denis (Montreal)

ATB Financial Arts Barns - Westbury Theatre


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Running Piece is a work for dancer and treadmill. On this confined yet infinite space, a man travels without leaving, constantly forced to go forward. He moves through the situations and moments that define us. On the path of humanity and civilisation, or on the transit to work, we are the high hope joggers, the overly capable multitaskers, the compulsive lateness sufferers. Running Piece substantiates our proneness to constantly chase our tails and our pursuit for the divine sublimity of busyness.


Running Piece’s endless belt reminds me of the ouroboros, the cyclical symbol of a snake eating its own tail. This paradox, where life and death mutually feed on each other, reminds me of our perverse desire to somehow master time. In the closed circuit of our daily dramas, this quest for ultimate productivity has rather enslaved us to time. By trying to grasp every single moment, the abundance of this commodity ironically slips between our fingers.