The First Two Days: Utility, Respect, and the Right Brain - Chinook 2020

with Ross Manson

ATB Financial Arts Barns - Backstage Theatre


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In every process, the beginning is vital. This is an introductory workshop exploring how to take those first few steps, while focusing on three principles of practice: Utility, Respect and the Right Brain. This approach to practice covers process strategy, conduct while in rehearsal, and recent discoveries in neurology. Volcano Artistic Director Ross Manson (BSc Biology and MA Theatre Studies) will look at approaches he has developed for both theatre creation from the ground up (dance theatre, opera theatre, multi-disciplinary performance), and within the more traditional framework of directing an already-written play. How do you initiate a process? What questions do you need to address? What are the alternatives in taking a cast deep into the work? When is discussion useful, and when not? How does a director bring a team onto the same page, and inspire them to be creative, but within a trajectory that fits the project's needs? All of these questions feed especially into the first two or three days of work, and the groundwork laid here will define the process.

This class is designed for theatre and performance makers, and directors. It is taught by Ross Manson, who has built performance works that have travelled to three continents, and have been recognized with over 70 awards or nominations at the local, national and international level.

Open to all age levels. Experience in live performance – ideally professionally and/or at an advanced post-secondary level – is an advantage.

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